CH201_Introduction - CH 201 Introduction Dear CH 201...

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CH 201: Introduction Dear CH 201 Students: Welcome to Chemistry: A Quantitative Science. I want to take this opportunity to bring to your attention several pertinent facets of the course that will help one begin and, hopefully, complete the semester efficaciously. 1. The course web page and syllabus is found at . There may be multiple sections, but for all practical purposes, the syllabi are identical with the only significant difference being the date of the final examination. Should your browser show a blank page for the syllabus, try using the “refresh” button and/or empty your cache. 2. The syllabus may be intimidating in length however all of the information therein is or has been needed by students in the past. This way, you have a single source from which you can access the vast majority of course-related information. Note that the course schedule appears at the end of the syllabus . To encourage a careful reading of the syllabus (and the FAQ file linked there from), the “prologue” WebAssign (WA) is a series of true/false questions that refer to those documents. Please note that I will not respond to an email message that requests information that can readily be found on the syllabus. 3. You should be able to view all of the WA assignments for the entirety of the semester by 0800 of Wednesday, 18 August. It is your responsibility to be aware of and conform to the due dates . Most of the assignments are due at 2359 (just before midnight) on the date due, with the exception of assignments due at 2200 on the evening prior to an examination (to allow you to view the answer key a bit earlier in the evening). Any
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CH201_Introduction - CH 201 Introduction Dear CH 201...

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