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Test #4 Math 131 1. The atmospheric pressure P(x) (measured in inches of mercury) at height x miles above sea level satisfies the differential equation P ( x ) = - .2 P ( x ) . Find the formula for P(x) is the atmospheric pressure at sea level is 30. Use your formula to find the pressure at 1 mile above sea level, approximately the height of Grandfather mountain.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Evaluate the following integrals a. e 3 x + x + 4 dx ò b. 1+ x x dx ò c. x 3 (1+ x 4 ) 7 dx ò 3. a. Use a Riemann sum to approximate the area under the graph of 2 x + 3 from x=0 to x= 4 using 4 subintervals and the right hand endpoints. b. Use an integral to find the exact value of this area. 4....
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