framework - import java.util public class framework cfw...

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import java.util.*; public class framework { public static void main(String args[]) { /** * list practice ** */ List<String> origList = new ArrayList<String>(); origList.add("Chi"); origList.add("Eric"); origList.add("Xin"); origList.add("Paul"); /** * Question 0: what are the differences between the following * declarations? Answer: for the following declarations, the left hand * side are interfaces and the right hand side are implementations. * Since ArrayList and LinkedList are the implementations of List, * therefore the second and the third declarations are legal. * Conversely, the first and the last two declarations are illegal. * * * Which are legal and which are illegal? List<String> origList = new * List<String>() illegal List<String> origList = new * ArrayList<String>() legal List<String> origList = new * LinkedList<String>() legal ArrayList<String> origList = new * ArrayList<String>() illegal ArrayList<String> origList = new * LinkedList<String>() illegal */ /** * Question 1 - Display the names on the list * Using indexing to access * the individual names. Using an iterator. for-each * */ for (int index = 0; index < origList.size(); index++) System.out.println(origList.get(index) + " ");
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framework - import java.util public class framework cfw...

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