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BagTest - fifteenItems.add(11 fifteenItems.add(100...

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import static org.junit.Assert.*; import org.junit.Before; import org.junit.Test; public class BagTest { // data members private Bag sixItems, eightItems, fifteenItems; @Before public void setup() { sixItems = new Bag(); sixItems.add(40); sixItems.add(17); sixItems.add(29); sixItems.add(0); sixItems.add(4); sixItems.add(77); eightItems = new Bag(); eightItems.add(0); eightItems.add(5); eightItems.add(17); eightItems.add(20); eightItems.add(41); eightItems.add(34); eightItems.add(100); eightItems.add(6); fifteenItems = new Bag(); fifteenItems.add(4); fifteenItems.add(0); fifteenItems.add(3); fifteenItems.add(10);
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Unformatted text preview: fifteenItems.add(11); fifteenItems.add(100); fifteenItems.add(45); fifteenItems.add(25); fifteenItems.add(12); fifteenItems.add(13); fifteenItems.add(2); fifteenItems.add(89); fifteenItems.add(79); fifteenItems.add(50); fifteenItems.add(66); } // input expected return // sixItems 40,17,29,0,4,77 // nineItems 0,5,17,20,41,34,100,6 // seventeenItems 4,0,3,10,11,100,45,25,12,13,2,89,79,50,66 @Test public void testAdd() { System.out.println(sixItems); System.out.println(eightItems); System.out.println(fifteenItems); } }...
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BagTest - fifteenItems.add(11 fifteenItems.add(100...

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