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Echoes of the Big Bang If there is repulsive stuff in the universe than the current rate of expansion could be larger than it was years ago because this dark energy has made space push apart Lambda – over a big enough distance it pushes stuff apart o thought up by Einstein to compensate for the idea of static universe o Over great distances the forces the universe to expand Several billion years after the big bang the universe’s expansion began to slow down, but then went through a “jerk” and started accelerating The universe will expand forever – unless the currently repulsive energy becomes attractive in the future The Universe can closed (finite), but it will still expand forever – unless it starts decelerating in the future Age of the Universe = 14 billion years o consistent with globular cluster ages OmegaM – OmegaLambda = -0.4 OmegaLambda = .7 –implicates a long rang repulsive effect (cosmic antigravity) o vacuum has a non-zero repulsive energy (dark energy)
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