- f • ROR of 2007=(Net income-Preferred...

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c) Approximately, forty percent of P&G’s authorized common stock was issued at June 30, 2007. [(3990/10000=39.90%] d) The common stock outstanding at June 30, 2007 was (3990-857.8=3132.2) 3132.2 shares. The common stock outstanding at June 30, 2006 was (3976-797=3179) 3179 shares. e) Dividend to shareholders is $4209. It decreased the stockholder’s equity by $4209.
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Unformatted text preview: f) • ROR of 2007=(Net income-Preferred dividends)/Average common stockholder’s equity= (10,340-161)/(66,760-1406)=10179/56581=0.1799 • ROR of 2006=Net income after tax/Stockholder’s equity= (8684-148)/62,908-1451)=8536/61457=0.1389 g) • POR of 2007=Cash dividends/Net income-Preferred dividends)=4209/(10,340-161)=0.4135 • POR of 2006=Cash dividends/Net income-Preferred dividends)=/(10,340-161)=3703/(8684-148)=0.4338 h)...
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