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D1 Lu Kunmin - Kunmin Lu English 2 Jutta Schamp May 4, 2011...

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Kunmin Lu English 2 Jutta Schamp May 4, 2011 Initiation on James Joyce’s “Araby” According to John_Updike Powerpoint, story of initiation is a short story characterizing a decisive incident that initiates a character into a higher state of awareness, whether for better or for worse. The main character gains insight and maturity through certain experiences evoked in the story, and he or she becomes part of the adult. The first-person narrator in James Joyce’s “Araby” is characterized as a young boy who secretly in love with his playmate’s sister, and he has romantic fantasy about her. However, he has to awaken from the dream, and face the reality. He goes through emotional change from naive to mature, and he conflicts his confused adoration, barriers to his way of adulthood. In the first-person narrator’s deep bosom he feels overwhelming of solitude. He lives with his uncle’s family, he feels like he is the “central apple-tree” (Joyce 86) of the house. He finds three books that the former tenant left, and likes the Memoiros of Vidocq the most because “its leaves were yellow”.(Joyce 86)Therefore, he favors the old things that have long history. North Richmond Street represents the old traditional life style where is surrounded by Christian Brothers’ School and convents. The young boy is weary of this inanimate town as “the space of sky above us (him and his friends) was the colour of ever-changing violet.” (Joyce 86) The
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D1 Lu Kunmin - Kunmin Lu English 2 Jutta Schamp May 4, 2011...

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