D1 YUHAO LIAO - Yuhao Liao Jutta Schamp Eng 2 Heritage VS...

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Yuhao Liao Jutta Schamp Eng 2 05/04/2011 Heritage VS Dream "Everyday Use" was a story written by Alice Walker which was a part of her short story collection, In Love and Trouble. The story was narrated in first person by the “Mama” an African American woman who has two daughters with huge difference both in appearance and personality. The whole story was expanding around three characters’ conflict about the possession of the quilts. It was trying to inform its readers the contrary perspectives among Maggie, the mother and Dee about their culture and heritage. By knowing the differences and similarities among Maggie, Dee, and their mother, we will be into the author purpose that the quilts symbolized the family's tradition and the heritage of the African culture, suggesting that cultural heritage shouldn't be estimate simply by its practical value. More importantly, the true value of a cultural heritage’s historical background must be fully realized to ensure the culture would be passing further. By reading the story, I was been told that there was obvious contrast among three characters. It seems Dee was a rebel from her family, since she was so different to Maggie and their mother both physically and psychologically. Maggie was a skinny, homely black woman with burnt scars all over her arms and legs. Then the mother was a big boned woman with tough hands and dark face, and doing manly work.
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D1 YUHAO LIAO - Yuhao Liao Jutta Schamp Eng 2 Heritage VS...

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