D1Kim - Kim 1 Joo Han Kim English 2(Rough Draft#1 Professor...

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Kim 1 Joo Han Kim English 2 (Rough Draft #1) Professor Schamp Date May/4/2011 Characters are the most essential part in a short story. All of the actions, ideas, and words of characters in a story reflect the author’s thought and their human nature as well as the theme, and plot. Characters are appeared in different plot of story which depends on author’s approach of choice. In a literary work such as short film and short story, usually apply an approach of plot- centered in which characters’ role are occasionally used just as agents of the plot because the characters’ role in the literary work are used just to the extent which the characters are simple elements of whole plot, their thought and Immanuel personality are not grown up. In contrast to the above the approach, John Updike’s plot-centered story of “A&P” in which the characters’ role are extremely essential. Updike uses an approach of character-centered in “A&P”, in which characters reflect author’s thought and the character would be fully grown up toward being mutual at the end of the story. However, the appeared character’s actions and words in the story could not tell the author’s idea. So, readers should analyze the implicated meaning of characters. seeks changes, Lengel implies an old generation that is possessed in original value seeks only its traditional value, and the three girl’s symbolic meaning which is liberty are not subordinate either a standard value or a repression of society.
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D1Kim - Kim 1 Joo Han Kim English 2(Rough Draft#1 Professor...

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