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Hanna Lee Dr. Jutta Schamp English 2 (#1877) May 04, 2011 “Araby” as a Story of Initiation By reading literature, sometimes people are touched, gain wisdom of life, or get realization about their problems. Based on the themes and subjects, literary works are classified into many different genres. Among them, in particular, initiation stories cover the topics that most people seem to experience, so it gains the sympathy from the readers. A story of initiation usually develops into an ending that a young person who was in immature states becomes a mature individual and gets an epiphany on the real world around him/her, going through hardships. “Araby” written by James Joyce is a representative work of initiation stories, and the author provokes the readers to have more mature point of view via the exposure of alienation that the protagonist undergoes between ideal world and the real society. Therefore, “Araby” can be considered as a story of initiation because it depicts that the protagonist shifts from childhood to adulthood, faces ordeals during his quest, and realizes true identities of himself and the world around him. “Araby” deals with an initiation of a young boy through an immature protagonist’s transition to a mature individual. The transformation of the boy’s consciousness and emotion throughout the story proves his spiritual growth and development. In specific, he feels difference from other children who are his own age. The gap between him and neighbors’ children is caused by an idea that he is a more mature person. He thinks that “I hardly any patience with the
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D1Lee - Hanna Lee Dr. Jutta Schamp English 2 (#1877) May...

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