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Nakamura 1 Daichi Nakamura Professor Schamp English 2 4 May 2011 "Everyday Use" (1973) by Alice Walker "Everyday Use" (1973) is a short story by Alice Walker that deals with the notion of painful experiences and their impact on the development of the characters. Thereby, the story provokes thought with regard to the idea of heritage's meaning and influence on characters' personality and perspective formation. Therefore, "Everyday Use" sheds light on the changes and growth that take place in a person's emotional and mental state. The short story presents in this context an interesting contrast between the three female characters presented in the text: Maggie, Mama, and Dee/Wangero. Maggie is the youngest daughter who presents an interesting contrast to her eldest sister, Dee. Mama acts as the narrator within the story and is also known as Mrs. Johnson. Each of the three female characters in “Everyday Use” has a unique personality that underlines the role of heritage and the power of education as divisive forces. The tone of each character in the short story is strongly connected to their unique dynamic. It varies namely from the conveyance of emotions as insecurity and hopelessness through Maggie, arrogance, worldliness and a condescending outlook through Dee, and pride and defiance through Mama. Mama embodies the voice of the elder generation. She is a middle- aged African woman who lives with her younger daughter. She is poor, yet strong and independent as is demonstrated through her interactions with her children. She is also depicted as a person who takes great pride in her way of life. Physically, she is also described as proud,
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D1NAKAMURA.doc - Nakamura 1 Daichi Nakamura Professor...

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