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Tananun Songdechakraiwut Professor Jutta Schamp English 2 May 3, 2011 Concepts of Womanhood or Feminity in 'Woman Hollering Creek' "Woman Hollering Creek (1991)" is a short story by Sandra Cisneros. In "Woman Hollering Creek" Cisneros writes of a Latino woman, Cleofilas, who is trapped in an abusive marriage to a Mexican American Juan Pedro who has brought her over to live in Texas. Cleofalas is unable to speak English and is isolated due to this linguistic handicap and her poverty. She has no one to talk to with the exception of two neighboring Latino women who are as alone and afraid as she is. Her own notions of romance and the cultural and patriarchal values ingrained in her by birth form her Mexican family and society are stopping Cleofalis from making a bid for freedom from her desperate circumstances. This is the story of a woman who is fighting against her own fears which she eventually overcomes to forge a new life for herself. From the very beginning of the story we are made aware of the romantic nature of young Cleofilas which leads to her marriage and downfall. She is enamored of the life depicted in the telenovas and dreams of a grand love and passion that will take her away from the dreariness of her present existence. When Juan Pedro enters her life she is swept away not by love but her own imagination; his very living across the border romanticizes him in Cleofilas's eyes “ Seguin, she had liked the sound of it (Far away and lovely, DiYanni, 247). The car he drives, the job he has, all seem exotic and exciting. As such Cleofilas embodies
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D1Songdechakraiwut - Tananun Songdechakraiwut Professor...

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