D1yao - Boyi Yao Professor Schamp English 2 (Rough Draft...

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Boyi Yao Professor Schamp English 2 (Rough Draft #1) 04/04/11 Concepts of femininity in Woman Hollering Creek As far as femininity is concerned, it is the set of female qualities attributed specifically to women and girls by a particular culture, people refer femininity to mother-behavior, creativity and gentle. Cisneros’ story “Woman Hollering Creek” reflects the concepts of femininity through the protagonist, Cleofilas’ story. In the story, Cleofilas describes her unfortunate marriage and compares the life in Mexico and United States, after realizing the fact that her marriage is different from the reality, she decides to escape from her husband. Although Cleofilas’ story shows concepts of self-realization, independence and choice, Cisneros uses these opposite concepts of femininity to explain the concepts of femininity, which are identity, dependence and motherhood. In the story, various characters and language techniques illustrates how Cisneros shows the concepts of femininity. Initially, the concept of self-realization reflects the process of understanding one’s own identity, which is opposite to aspects of femininity. However, in the novel, the women characters, Cleofilas, Soledad and Dolores, neither of them identify who they are through communications with other people. This contrasts with life in
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D1yao - Boyi Yao Professor Schamp English 2 (Rough Draft...

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