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Nakamura 1 Daichi Nakamura Professor Schamp English 2 May 16th 2011 The Conceptualization of the African American Identity in The Negro Speaks of Rivers and Dream Deferr ed by Langston Hughes The poetry of Langston Hughes is permeates with pride in the African American identity. Hughes emphasized the importance of African American culture for the purpose of understanding one's identity. This poet's writings are also filled with recurrent themes as the need to stand up against racism, the search for black identity, and the maintenance of a unique individuality as a Black individual in a highly multicultural, yet White dominated society. Langston Hughes' poetry from the 1920s contributed to the development of the Harlem Renaissance, which was a movement that that aimed at re-creating a new understanding of what being Black means many years after the end of slavery. This movement sought to foster communal bonding and a sense of pride in the Black identity through celebrating Black voices in the arts, including poetry, music, and literature. Langston Hughes' poems, Dream Deferred and The Negro speaks of Rivers , are examples of poems that aimed at changing racial stereotypes by underlining the depth of the African American intellect. Poems as Dream Deferred highlight the trauma that a person undergoes when he puts his dreams on hold. The message here for African-Americans is to not shy away from the embracement and full understanding of their identity as this is the only way through which they can proceed further in life. On the other hand, The Negro Speaks of Rivers, Hughes' signature poem, details how an African American individual comes to recognize and reaffirm his connection to Africa as the place of origin and
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Nakamura 2 linkage to other American Blacks. Africa resurfaces in both poems as a means through which the
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D2Nakamura - Nakamura 1 Daichi Nakamura Professor Schamp...

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