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Stephanie Nursalim English 2 Rough Draft #2 Professor Schamp May 16, 2011 Please discuss the concept of an African American identity in one or two of Langston Hughes’ poems Langston Hughes is a very creative writer who has published a wide variety of writings. His extensive traveling opened his eyes to the world. It showed him just how different lives are in various places and how people are being treated. Being born during the Harlem Renaissance period, which was also known as the “New Negro Movement”, much of Hughes’s writings were about the lives of many mistreated African Americans. His writings were targeted at both white racists and also others who witnessed the discrimination but chose to keep quiet about it. As we all know, many of them were treated as second-class citizens and were denied basic human rights and freedom. Moreover, they used to be regarded as slaves and were seen as less than human. Sadly, this was all because of the color of their skin in which they were born. Racism has always been present in our society and has affected the lives of countless African Americans. Nevertheless, despite being treated unequally just because of their skin color, they are brave and are not ashamed of being African American. All they dream of is to be treated equally and be given basic human rights. African Americans are often treated with prejudice and racism. Being the “darker brother” (Hughes, “I, Too”, 2), others are humiliated to be seen with them. African Americans are
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D2Nursalim - Stephanie Nursalim English 2 Rough Draft#2...

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