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Chiyu ZHANG Essay#2 Draft Langston Hughes, A Poet, A Believer Langston Hughes is a poet, novelist, and playwright born on Feb 1, 1920 as an African American. In his ages, the prejudice to other nationalities as well as races is very serious in the United States of America. Especially to African Americans. They are at the center of the vortex. Hughes is one of the bravest African Americans who has their ideas and dream about the bias. Hughes is highly educated. He uses words as a weapon to let his ideas and voice to be known and heard by the world. It’s not only his voice, it’s all the African American people’s. Inequality creates depressions. Anger and sorrow grow stronger day by day in their mind, naturally. Hughes is ad but not angry about it, because there is something he believes deeply -- There will be a day, the dreams of all people against whom has been discriminated will come true. The dreamers will show their ideas and passion to the world and the dreams will be everywhere on this beautiful planet. The life of African American, the concept of identity of them are shown in Hughes’ poem. Between lines we can see their depression, their hope, and the dream they have always keep in mind. That’s how they live, how they fight. Hughes’ poem vividly describes the feeling of being an African American who is discriminated by others. In his poem, we can read the history. In the past, African Americans were living in the limitations due to the serious
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D2Zhang - Chiyu ZHANG Essay#2 Draft Langston Hughes, A...

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