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Goto 1 Manami Goto English 2 Jutta Schamp May 4, 2011 Three steps the narrator takes to have Epiphany in “Araby” Epiphany is a term which means “a manifestation,” or “showing forth,” and for Christian thinkers, it particularly means a manifestation of God's presence in the created world. (Tindall) In “Araby,” which is one of stories in Dubliners , James Joyce adapted the term to secular experience, “to signify a sudden sense of radiance and revelation that one may feel while perceiving a commonplace object.” (Tindall) “Araby” is a story which describes the narrator’s process to gain “mature” perspective which lets him see the reality and himself relatively objectively, by experiencing Epiphany. Setting apart from the question whether the new view which he finally acquires is better or not for him, he apparently steps into the new stage of his life. He undergoes this Initiation by taking three steps: excessive idealization with elation, confrontation with obstacles, and realization of the reality and self-awareness. At first of the story, the narrator tends to see the world and objects by idealizing them in order to get them close to his notion of how they should be in his romantic world. Idealization is a common tendency among people who cannot see the reality objectively but only can see the objects subjectively. The object who the narrator feels the romance on the most is Mangan’s sister. He adores her even when he has not talked to her. His feeling for her is so intense that he cannot get rid of “her image accompanied” (Joyce 87) even when he goes to a market with his aunt. Moreover, it seems like the narrator himself actually knows his feeling for her is romance,
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Eng2 Essay1-R.Draft MODIFIED - Goto1 Manami Goto English 2...

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