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Jin Young Ahn_R.D._Essay1 - Ahn 1 Jin Young Ahn Professor...

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Ahn 1 Jin Young Ahn Professor Jutta Schamp English 2 04 May 2011 The power of literature is that it leads readers into a dream world. Literature is newly born again from the moment when it comes into the readers’ hands. Thus, literature can be interpreted in various ways. This is the power of literature. In John Updike’s story “A&P,” the major feelings of the protagonist, Sammy, is lonely and empty in my perspective. He is a 19 years old young man who works at the grocery store as a slot-checker. He often feels boredom about his job and the people around him. He doesn’t adjust in his surroundings. The circumstances confine him in his own private world. One day three girls in bathing suits come into his boring life. Their unusual and unacceptable dress code embarrasses other customers. The manager refuses to sell a snack to the girls because of the inappropriate dress code in his point of view. However, the girls do not accept and they argue with the manager. Such action of the girls ignites the thought of Sammy escaping from his situation. As a result, Sammy quits his job to impress the girls but they’re gone when he comes out from the market. He is left alone again and steps into the harsh reality. The dominant feeling of the protagonist is disconsolate and empty throughout the story. Sammy is stuck in his inner world and feels loneliness and boredom for the reason
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Jin Young Ahn_R.D._Essay1 - Ahn 1 Jin Young Ahn Professor...

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