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Liansong Guo RD - family look just like herself They also...

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Liansong Guo RD 05/04/11 "Everyday Use" tells the story of a mother and her two daughters' conflicting ideas about their identities and ancestry.  Compared the differences and similarities among  Maggie, Dee, and their mother, I think we can’t just see the surface value of the  heritage, the most important thing is its deeper value which we should really  carry or promulgate.  Maggie, Dee and their mother differ in their personality and appearances. Maggie was a skinny, homely black woman with burnt scars all over her arms and legs. She was also slow witted and uneducated, always acting awkwardly and feeling uncomfortable in front of strangers, which can be seen from her reaction toward Dee’s friend when Dee visited them. Their mother was a big boned woman with rough hands and a dark face, doing the hard work of a man. In contrast, Dee was beautiful and popular, smart and quick-witted, which contributed to her high self-esteem and the keen desire to make her
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Unformatted text preview: family look just like herself. They also share differences in their perspectives and roles of the African culture. Dee only see the surface value of the heritage because of her superficial view. Maggie knew how to sew a quilt and had a deeper understanding of the African history and culture. The mother on the other hand, had a profound understanding of the quilt’s heritage value and the history of Africa. Maggie and her mother don’t want to change their lifestyle and be ready to accept that. However, Dee works very hard and she wants to make her dream true. The reasons make Maggie and her mother relationship closer (still working on it) Through the differences and similarities of these three women, we can learn that one’s culture and heritage must be learnt and fully understood....
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Liansong Guo RD - family look just like herself They also...

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