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RD2 Lu_kunmin - Kunmin Lu English 2 Essay #2 Shakespeares...

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Kunmin Lu English 2 Essay #2 Shakespeare’s Eternal Love One of the worlds the most dazzling and brightest poets is William Shakespeare. His sonnets are the best poetry during the British Renaissance. The main themes of Shakespeare’s Sonnets are reflecting on love, seasonal rhythms, human mortality, writing, and artistic immortality. Sections 1-126 are written for his aristocratic male friend. In his sonnets, the languages are beautiful with compact structure and lively rhythms. His sonnets are music like; he uses iambic pentameter, which is a verse in ten syllables, and each of the two syllables is a sound step, so there is a total five sound step as a pentameter. Moreover, each step in the two syllables, the first one is the weaker syllable, and the latter is the stressed syllable, known as iambus. Therefore, it called iambic pentameter. Not only Shakespeare poets devices is perfect but also his emotion in the poems. “ Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” is number eighteen which is the most beautiful poem in the sonnet. In this poem, Shakespeare compares his beloved to a wonderful summer’s day, but it is never enough; his beloved is nothing can compete with, and he will bring his lover the eternal beauty. The poem starts with a sentence with a question mark—“Shall I compare thee
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RD2 Lu_kunmin - Kunmin Lu English 2 Essay #2 Shakespeares...

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