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Unformatted text preview: Kim 1 Joo Han Kim Prof. Schamp Jun 08, 2011 Eng RD#3 Time and the Development of Character in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie All of the people in the world sometimes face harsh walls on the way of lives. About the obstacles, some try to figure out their problem by standing face and the others try to escape from the true. Escapism is defined as “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy” by online Oxford Dictionary. In the story of The Glass Menagerie, famous play writer Tennessee Williams introduced characters who all try to escape consistently from tough reality instead of trying to solve their problems. The characters of Wingfield family, Amanda, Tom and Laura as well as Jim who is friend of Tom try to escape from real world. Amanda who was abandoned by her husband sticks in a popularity of her past live, she tries to escape to past. Laura who is no confident lady was innately born with a disability lives in own fantasy world she escapes neither to future, nor past, she tries to escape to imaginary world. Tom hates sacrificing himself only for his family, so, he tries to escape to adventure world, the future and Jim is the only ordinal person in the story, he used to be popular man, not in present but he does not stick in glorious day and rather, he accepts realty and maps out for better future. . The characters, Amanda, Laura and Tom in the play gradually escape from reality running to the world and Jim takes the roles of a counteragent, all of the characters in the play reflect various figures of true human in real society as well as their hope. Kim 2 In the story of The Glass Menagerie, Amanda cannot live in real world only can live in memory of her gratified past. According to Sam Bluefarb in “The Glass Menagerie: Three Visions of Time,” for Amanda, “Her life as a vivacious southern belle can be of significance only if the memory of that life is nourished and kept alive in the fertile earth of her nostalgia” (Bluefarb 513). She is a woman who used to enjoyed South America’s splendid and abundant cultures in her past. His husband lightly left his family toward finding own freedom as flying dove and since after, Amanda’s live has changed to negative direction, not only Amanda, whole Wingfield family faced a situation of financial poverty. Finally, she could not accept the reality and she became a prisoner of her memory. “Amanda Wingfield, the mother, lives in a world that is emotionally bounded by the past” (Bluefarb 513). She tries to act just as the luxury lady of her past. She tried to recall every gesture, words and events that she used to, thus, she cannot get out of the dominated days. “Her life is paranonia” (Williams 18), It seems that she morbidly sticks in the popular days but there is a reason that there is obvious fact that there is huge gap of quality of Amanda’s lives between the past and the real world. fact that there is huge gap of quality of Amanda’s lives between the past and the real world....
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RD3 KIM - Kim 1 Joo Han Kim Prof Schamp Eng RD#3 Time and...

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