RD3 LEE - LEE 1 Young Kuk Lee Professor Schamp English 2...

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LEE 1 Young Kuk Lee Professor Schamp English 2 June 8 st , 2011 Need title Bless Me, Ultima is the story and journey of a young boy who transforms from childhood to adulthood. Throughout the novel we see the transformation of his innocence and the gaining of his maturity through the circumstances and influences around him. The protagonist, Antonio, is stuck in the middle of a number of clashing ideals, from his religion to his family. He must choose between his father’s side- the cowboys, and his mother’s side- the religious Catholics. His caretaker and healer Ultima guides him in his process of maturation to become his own individual person and make his own choices. Bless Me, Ultima is considered an educational novel because it provides us with new information that educates us through the historical background of Antonio that lets us further understand his transformation. The growth and maturity of Antonio develops throughout the novel through Ultima’s influence mirrors the process of education. With exposure to new information and experiences, Antonio’s initial childlike view of the world transforms into harsh reality, which forces him to mature and question what he once thought was right. The conflicting ideologies of his parents, the harsh exposure to reality, and the teachings of Ultima helped shape Antonio into the person he decides to be at the end and the path he chooses to take. First, Antonio has a huge conflict with his mother and father. Antonio’s mother and father have different religions which put him in a difficult situation because they both want different things for him. His father’s side (Marez) are the wild cowboys with a violent nature. His mother (Lunas) are quiet, religious farmers. His mother desires for him to be a catholic
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LEE 2 priest but his father wants him to adopt the vaquero lifestyle. Antonio is stuck in the middle and cannot choose sides. The old healer Ultima comes to stay with him and his family since
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RD3 LEE - LEE 1 Young Kuk Lee Professor Schamp English 2...

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