The Glass Menagerie- Karen Chavez

The Glass Menagerie- Karen Chavez - KAREN CHAVEZ BLOCK 2...

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K AREN CHAVEZ BLOCK 2 The Glass Menagerie Questions: 1. What does the setting described in the opening stage direction tell you about the Wingfields? Consider especially the adjectives and symbolism of the alley and the fire escape 2. Who is the “fifth character” in the play, and how is his presence established? In what ways is Tom a parallel to this character? 3. What does Amanda reveal about her past in scene 1? How does Williams reveal that Amanda often dwells in the past? 4. What happened to Laura at Rubicam’s Business College? How can you account for her behavior? What plan of Amanda’s did she upset? 5. What new plan for Laura’s future does Amanda begin to develop in scene 2? Why is the plan impracticable? Why is the image of Jim introduced here? 6. Summarize the argument between Tom and Amanda in scene 3? What does Amanda assert about Tom? What does he claim about his life? Why is Laura spotlighted throughout the argument? 7. What sort of agreement does Amanda try to reach with Tom about Laura in scene 4? 8. How do Amanda and Laura react to the news of the gentleman caller? Describe Laura’s feelings toward Jim during the conversation and the dancing in scene 7? Describe how he changes after the kiss. 9. Explain the symbolism of the unicorn (both whole and broken). Why does Laura give it to Jim as a souvenir? 10. What is Tom’s situation at the end? To what degree has he achieved his dreams of escape and adventure? 11. Describe Amanda’s and Laura’s concluding situations. Why does Laura blow out the candles? What is the future for these women? General Questions: 1. Explain the most striking nonrealistic aspects of the play. What do these contribute to the play’s meaning and impact? Which aspect is the most effective? Why? 2. Which character in the play changed significantly? To what extent do the characters succeed or fail? How do they try to escape the realities they face? 3. Consider Tom as character and narrator. Explain why his language changes as he shifts between narrator and character. What does the character dream about and strive for? What does the narrator learn about these dreams and strivings?
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K AREN CHAVEZ BLOCK 2 4. Explain why Laura cannot deal with reality. What does her glass menagerie symbolizes? 5. Williams says that there is much to admire, pity, and laugh at in Amanda. What aspects of her character are admirable? Pitiable? Laughable? Which reaction is dominant for you at the close of the play? Why? 6. Tom calls Jim the play’s “most realistic character.” In what ways is Jim realistic? How are his dreams and goals more (or less) realistic than Tom’s? 7. At the opening, Tom (as narrator) mentions the “social background,” and he remarks on it throughout. Discuss how this background relates to the play, especially the events occurring in Europe. 8.
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The Glass Menagerie- Karen Chavez - KAREN CHAVEZ BLOCK 2...

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