07_recent_rnd_china - ,Winchester,UK July8-13,2007...

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Unformatted text preview: 2007InternationalConferenceonSolidDielectrics,Winchester,UK, July8-13,2007 RecentResearchProgressofSolidEngineeringDielectricsinChina ShengtaoLi,LishengZhongandJianyingLi StateKeyLaboratoryofElectricalInsulation& PowerEquipment,Xi'anJiaotongUniversity, Xi'an,Shannxi,710049,China Email:[email protected] Abstract: Following the introduction of economic reform,Chinahasexperiencedarapiddevelopmentover lastthreedecades. This has exerted ahuge demand on energy. The electric power industry has continued to grow rapidlyto meet thisdemand. This has been done through the expansion oftransmission and distribution networks, in phase with the rapid development of installedgenerating capacity. The construction ofextra highvoltage(EHV)andhighvoltage(HV)transmission facilitieshasincreasedrapidlyinrecentyears.Intensive researchprogramshavebeensetuptoovercomevarious problems. Insulationsystems have tobe improved and new materialshavetobedevelopedtomeetchallenges. This paper intends to introduce the recent progress of soliddielectricsresearchinChina.A varietyoftopicsare covered and special attention ispaid on the following contents: spacechargemeasurement and itsapplication, multi-stress aging of dielectrics, varistor ceramics, capacitor ceramics, nanometer composite dielectrics, opticalfiberandbio-dielectrics. INTRODUCTION In 1950s,withthedevelopmentofeconomics inChina, there was an increasing demand for electric power, which led to great growth of electrical equipment manufacturing and relatedtechnicalstaff.In 1953, the discipline of Electrical Insulation and Cables was initiallybuiltinJiaotongUniversitywiththecourse of "dielectricphysics"asmajortheoreticalfoundation.Till now the course is stillone of main courses for this discipline.As thefounder ofthediscipline,Prof. Chen Jidan was the firstman responsibleforthiscourse. He studiedinManchesterUniversityofUnitedKingdom in 1931 and his dissertation for Master's degree was regardingtothehighfrequencylossofcastoroil. Prof. Chen Jidan was alsothe founder of dielectric research inChina. In 1960 he worked asthe leaderof "Key problems in dielectric theories", which was a 12-yearscientificdevelopingprojectinChina. In 1962, theelectricalinsulationresearchinstitute,oneof18key institutesintheEducationMinistryofChina,wasbuiltin Xi'anJiaotongUniversity(XJTU).SponsoredbyXJTU, severalotherinstitutessuchasPhysicsResearchInstitute of Chinese Academy of Science, Guilin Electrical EquipmentResearchInstitute,ShanghaiCableResearch Instituteand ShanghaiInstituteofCeramics ofChinese Academy of Science took part in the research of dielectricswhich involvedbreakdown ofNaCl, electric 1-4244-0750-8/07/$20.00 C2007IEEE. aging of insulation materials, composite dielectric insulation,liquiddielectricsand ceramic materialswith highdielectricconstant.Many achievementsvaluablefor engineering application were got based on these theoreticalresearchwork,asshowninTable1....
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07_recent_rnd_china - ,Winchester,UK July8-13,2007...

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