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Einstein�s Biggest Blunder

Einstein�s Biggest Blunder - Einstein's Biggest...

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Einstein’s Biggest Blunder 3 kinds of universes o empty (flat) average density less than one keeps expanding forever quickly colder, darker, more diluted o medium(curved) expands forever, but just barely average density = 1 o dense (closed) expands for a while but must recollapse density is greater than critical density o Different universe correspond to different geometries Flat universe – Euclidian geometry Dense - Spherical geometry negatively curved – hyperbolic geometry How to Measure OmegaM o Look at geometrical properties sum of angles in a triangle o count the number of galaxies as a function of distance V = (4/3)(pi)(r)^3 if flat greater than this if in a negatively curved space Currently, many measurements suggest that OmegaM =.3 o universe will expand forever and has a negative curvature o Most of these measurements have been gotten based on observations of clusters of galaxies masses, distribution, etc.
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