Chapter 4 True or False

Chapter 4 True or False - society the gods of the mystery...

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True or False (See related pages) 1 The language of Alexander the Great's soldiers became so prevalent in the eastern Mediterranean that it was used for a translation of the Hebrew Bible, and early Christian churches produced the New Testament in it. A) True B) False 2 Alexander the Great's tutor was the philosopher-scientist Socrates. A) True B) False 3 After the death of Alexander the Great, his successors did all they could to reverse his policy of spreading Greek forms of culture throughout southwestern Asia. A) True B) False 4 The mystery religions were so called because their adherents took oaths never to reveal the secrets they learned when they were initiated into membership in the religion. A) True B) False 5 Because of the patriarchal (male-dominant) influences of Greco-Roman
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Unformatted text preview: society, the gods of the mystery religions were exclusively male. A) True B) False 6 The Cynics taught that virtue is the greatest goal in life. A) True B) False 7 The Greek myth of Asclepius' life and death has parallels to Jesus' life and death. A) True B) False 8 Dionysus was born immortal but lost his immortality by angering his father Zeus. A) True B) False 9 Plato was a monist, teaching that the only substance in the universe is material (not spiritual). A) True B) False 10 According to the text, the writers of the New Testament are in particular remarkable for having adhered solely to Jewish biblical heritage, despite the predominance of Hellenistic philosophy and religion of the time. A) True B) False...
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Chapter 4 True or False - society the gods of the mystery...

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