Chapter 6 True or False

Chapter 6 True or False - is a blending together and...

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True or False (See related pages) 1 The Synoptic Problem is defined as the attempt by scholars to explain the literary dependence or connection between the Synoptic Gospels. A) True B) False 2 Source criticism is defined as the attempt to identify the oldest oral forms underlying the Gospels' written texts. A) True B) False 3 The form critic searches for the probable life setting of a passage, otherwise known as its kerygma . A) True B) False 4 The Q document is a hypothetical construction of scholars based upon their careful comparison of the contents of Matthew and Luke. A) True B) False 5 The traditional titles of the Gospels ("The Gospel According to Matthew," "The Gospel According to Mark," "The Gospel According to Luke," and "The Gospel According to John") were probably not originally parts of the documents but were added long after the Gospels were written. A) True B) False 6 The two-document theory of gospel origins claims that the Gospel of Mark
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Unformatted text preview: is a blending together and abridgement of the material in Matthew and Luke. A) True B) False 7 Redaction criticism is a form of literary analysis that studies the way authors or editors assembled, rearranged, and reinterpreted their source material in producing documents. A) True B) False 8 Matthew presented Jesus' religious opponents as vicious hypocrites, and this negative picture of Jewish leaders has helped further Christian persecution of Jews ever since. A) True B) False 9 The fundamentalist movement which began in the 20th century among conservative Protestants arose partly in response to post-Enlightenment rationalism. A) True B) False 10 One reason historical critics are so challenged by the Gospels is that the authors were so selective in the accounts they included, leading to serious differences in the four works. A) True B) False...
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Chapter 6 True or False - is a blending together and...

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