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procedure - select count(movie_cat_id into v_count from...

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Sheet1 Page 1 CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE add_movie_sp --parameters (p_title IN mm_movie.movie_title%type p_cat mm_movie.movie_cat_id%type, p_val mm_movie.movie_value%type, p_qty mm_movie.movie_qty%type) IS --variables v_new_id mm_movie.movie_id%type BEGIN -- SQL statement --validate does the cat. exist
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Unformatted text preview: select count(movie_cat_id) into v_count from mm_movie_type where movie_cat_id = 6--auto number select max(movie_id) into v_new_id from mm_movie-- assign new value v_new_id := v_new_id + 1-- Insert Insert into mm_movie (movie_id, movie_title, movie_cat_id, movie_value,Movie_qty)...
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