Marcallius - Marcallius -Youth (Ages 10-15) Born on the...

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Marcallius -Youth (Ages 10-15) Born on the Shrine World "Aguntor" and was persuaded into leading a planetary rebellion in the name of chaos. His natural charisma allowed The rebellion to last for 2 years before the Imperial Guard finally overwhelmed the rebel forces and Marcallius was forced to serve out the rest of his life in the Imperial guard as punishment for his sins against mankind. It was noted that marcallius was the only known survivor of the Aguntor Rebellion. -Imperial Guard (Ages 15-27) Spent 12 years flying from system to system fighting battles he never believed in, only valuing his life, praying the chaos gods would give him the strength to rebel once again. He quickly garnished the name "Deathbringer" because he was constantly the only survivor in his platoons and it was widely thought that having the "Deathbringer" get attached to your platoon meant certain gruesome death for the platoon. After a fairly bloody battle in the "Ravines of Hell" on planet "Jaklok II", he was once again the only
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