English 1AA3 - start of Eyes were watching God

English 1AA3 - start of Eyes were watching God - Eyes...

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Unformatted text preview: Eyes Watching God – Lecture 1 04/02/2011 12:30:00 ← REVIEW AS WE MOVE INTO OUR UNIT OF STUDY ← ← Denuouement – EXAM QUESTIONS • French term for “unknotting” • The action or intrigue ends in success or failure for the protagonist, the conflicts are settled, the mystery solved or the misunderstanding cleared away (Abrams, 268) • A denuouement may be closed or open: o closed ending: resolution of the questions raised by the narrative; there was a crisis of some kind and it resolves into a new order o Opening ending : deliberate non-resolution of narrative questions: ambiguous • Examples: Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Taste of Honey • Open ending in taste of honey: related to the fact that Helen is going to come back to Joe, what’s going to happen to Geof, the future of the baby, the relationships are left open in the air • Most modern texts do the open ending. • In Eyes were watching God: a closed ending (because Janie does go back into her old community) that’s symbolic and takes suggestive meaning of poetic qualities ← INTRODUCTION: The Eyes were Watching God • Zora Neale Huston, 1891-1960 • Published in 1937 received some positive reviews, but lots of negative ones from fellow African American writers • They thought that the novel was not useful and had inaccurate information; far too poetic and experimental • Her book was ignored after the 1950’s, but after 1970’s and feminist discovered her work, it has became more famous because it is poetic in terms of describing communities and relationship between the individual protagonist • Couldn’t make a living out of her writing because the community couldn’t accept her art of writing and understand her novel ← OUTLINE OF LECTUES ON HURSTON • Lecture 1: nature imagery, style and POV, oral traditions • Lecture 2: Nanny’s legacy, psychoanalytic criticism, quest narrative and Janie’s husbands (3 of them) • Lecture 3: the front porch; intimate violence, Janie’s silence in the courtroom scene ← HURSTON AS ETHNOGRAPHER • Grew up in rural Alabama and Florida • Completed university studies in Anthropology and English at Howard and Barnard during the time of Harlem Renaissance • Between 1927 and 1940m traveled in the southern US, and to the Caribbean, collecting folktales, songs and sermons • Considered folklore to be “arts of the people” • First sponsored by a white woman patriot • The patriot funded her travels on the condition that Hurston’s information could not be published (kept secretive) • Another opportunity the federal’s writer’s product was initiated • Federal’s writer’s product was happened during the Great Depression that was funded by the government Hurston got funding without having conditions • Published 2 non-fiction texts ← SONGS • Hurston herself performing the song • “Hallimuhfack” – traditional song in 1935, Library of Congress recording • words are preformative...
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English 1AA3 - start of Eyes were watching God - Eyes...

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