Mobility - High Knee Walks x5 Pull-Back Butt Kicks x 5 Mini...

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Mobility/Flexibility/Warm Up Cat/Camel x12 Ankle Stretches Hip Circles x8 ea way Hip Flexor Static Stretch x 20 seconds\ Leg lift from laying floor x7 ea side Bent knee twist x8 lay on back, shoulders on floor, knees bent, feet on floor, twist knees gently Fire Hydrants x10 All fours move back leg in circular motion Supine bridge x12 (move one vertebrate at a time knees at 90 degree angle) Leg Swings x8 Windmills x8 ea sid e (look up and push hips out)
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Unformatted text preview: High Knee Walks x5 Pull-Back Butt Kicks x 5 Mini Band Side Steps x10 ea direction Above knee caps or ankles don’t drag back foot Cradle walks x5 ea leg step forward and pull your instep upward Scap Pushup/Pushup plus x 12 serratus anterior Overhead Dislocations x 8 gradually move hands closer testing flexibility Toy Soldiers x5 Reverse Lunge w/ Twist x5 Squat to Stand x8 Pull yourself down Butt Kicks...
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