intpt - diag(s zeros(n,m diag(x if min(x< 0 | min(s< 0...

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function [dx,dy,ds]=intpt(A,b,c,x,y,s) % Finds a affine scaling search direction for LP in SEF % Input: % A,b,c data for LP problem max c'x s.t. Ax=b, x>=0 % x,y,s current (int) feasible primal-dual pair, x>0, s>0 % [m,n]=size(A); M=[ zeros(n) A' -eye(n) A zeros(m) zeros(m,n)
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Unformatted text preview: diag(s) zeros(n,m) diag(x) ]; if min(x) < 0 | min(s) < 0, disp('WARNING: x,y does not yield an interior point') end %RHS=[-(A'*y-s-c) ; -(A*x-b);-x.*s]; RHS=[zeros(n,1) ; zeros(m,1);-x.*s]; sol=M\RHS; dx=sol(1:n);dy=sol(n+1:n+m);ds=sol(n+m+1:end);...
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