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readme - ex1.m The third line calls the program in file...

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This directory contains compressed matlab and fortran programs for linear programming. There are several examples as well. Also, there is a compress tar file simplex.tar.Z You can download this tar file to get all the files in the directory, i.e. in binary mode in ftp use get simplex.tar.Z and then use uncompress simplex.tar tar xf simplex.tar The file simplex.m contains a program that solves the linear programming problem. To use this you can try the following: matlab ex1 simplex The first line invokes matlab. The second line initiates the data contained in the file
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Unformatted text preview: ex1.m The third line calls the program in file simplex.m You can copy these files to your own matlab directory and run the program there. Note that you will need the file reg.m as well as simplex.m The file pivot.m contains a pivoting program which allows you to decide which column and row to pivot on. You can enter help pivot to get more information. The file main.m is an old version of simplex.m and may contain bugs. Note that there were some conflicts with the new version of matlab. This should have been resolved in simplex.m....
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