mec104 exam1 - A car passes by heading to your left with a...

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1. A car passes by, heading to your left, with a speed of 2 m/s. You reach out and push it toward the left with a force of 50 N. The moving car pushes on you with a force of A) 0N B) 48N C) 50N D) 52N 2. A sprinter can go from zero to 10 m/s in one second. If his acceleration is constant during that time his/her acceleration is A) 10 B) 0 C) 9.8 m/s D) 10 m/s^2 3. When out climb out on a thin tree limb, there’s a chance that the limb will break off near the trunk. This disaster is most likely to occur when you’re as far out as the limb as possible because A) The force of gravity gets greater B) You have more energy C) The torque on the limb is greater D) You are more likely to fall 4. While a gymnast is in the air during a leap which of the following quantities must remain constant for her. A) Velocity B) Momentum C) Angular velocity D) Angular momentum Angular momentum – there are no torques. 5. Who came first? A) Galileo (1546-1642) B) Newton (1642-1727) C) Einstein (1879-1955) 6. The earth exerts a downward force of 850N on a veteran astronaut as he works outside the space shuttle. What force does the astronaut exert on the earth? A) 980N B) 425N down C) Θ D) 850N up 7. When the brakes on her truck fail, the Driver steers it up a runaway truck ramp. As the truck rolls up the ramp, it slows to a Stop, most of the truck’s kinetic energy is converted to A) Momentum B) Gravitational potential energy C) Angular momentum D) Force 8. If you pull down on the basket of a hanging gravity store scale so that it reads 20N, how much downward force are you exerting on the basket? A) 20N B) 9.8N
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C) 0N D) 20 9. Federal standards for weights and measures are set by the A) National Institute for Standards and Technology B) Federal Bureau of Weights and Measures C) United States Standards Commission D) American Standards and Testing Institue 10.Torque is measured in A) Foot-pounds B) Pounds per foot C) Pounds per second D) Foot-pounds per second 11.Which of the following is a vector quantity A) Acceleration B) Angular momentum C) Angular velocity D) Position E) All of the above 12. Which of the following is a scalar quantity i)Power ii)time iii)work iv) velocity A) i, ii only B) i, ii, iv only C) ii, iii only D) i, ii, iii only 13.What is the SI unit of linear momentum? A) Kg-m
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mec104 exam1 - A car passes by heading to your left with a...

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