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Bosun (Sunny) Kim BUS 348 Video Case Assignment #1 <3M’s Post-it Flag Highlighter> 1. (a) How did 3M’s David Windorski get ideas from college students to help him in designing the final commercial version of the Post-it® Flag Highlighter? David Windorski used a lot of marketing research. First, he converted his idea of combining highlighter and post-it into a prototype and then he introduced his ideas in front of the students. He used the survey and focus group, also individual meetings to research the target market. (b) How were these ideas important to the success of the product? Before you have your ideas to be introduced to the market, you always need to communicate with your target markets and do lots of marketing research on them. It helps you to get information such as pros and cons or consumers’ reaction to enhance the product. 2 What (a) special advantages and (b) potential problems did 3M have in introducing a new highlighter-with- flags product for college students? (a) 3M is very popular and credible company that has positive reputations on the
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