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Interstellar Travel Probably around F, G, and K stars O, B, A stars – don’t live very long so it is not likely that intelligent life would not have long enough to form M, L –low mass stars – not likely because they don’t really have an ecosphere Use radio telescopes to look for signals from intelligent life Drake Equation used to estimate the number of communicating civilizations in our galaxy o Earth: 1 species out of about 10 billion o We are the only ones in the entire observable universe who are intelligent
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Unformatted text preview: beings if you take the lower estimates of each factor If you take upper bound you can get as many as 1 billion civilizations Interstellar Travel o 8.72 years to get to Sirius traveling at c traveling at .995c it would take 17.5 years to get there, but would only seem 1.5 years to the astronaut According to Relativity it seems that the distance to Sirius is shorter o would need huge amounts of energy...
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