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Resolution Proofs Mariusz Bajger COMP2781/8781 School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics March 21, 2011 1 / 7 Reading and Exercises Reading This lecture notes Exercises Given at the end of this lecture. Good learning strategy: BE ACTIVE! I Regularly revise lectures I Solve the suggested exercises I Be critical when reading textbook/lectures I Ask your colleagues, ask the lecturer, don’t be shy! I It is OK to ask for help any time 2 / 7 The technique of resolution I Discovery of proofs is often a very difficult process I Can computers help? I In 1965 J.A. Robinson proposed an automatic proof technique, called resolution , based on the tautology ( p q ) ( p r ) ( q r ) I in other words, the following argument is valid p q p r q r I Simplicity of this rule makes it usable in many computer programs that reason and proof theorems 3 / 7 How does the resolution work? Prove that the following arguments are valid using the
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lecture05_LogicApp_resolution - Reading and Exercises...

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