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Homework Set 01 - Each question is worth up to 2 marks. Set...

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p q r s t COMP2781, COMP8781, Sem. 1, 2011, Flinders University Homework Set 1 Due date: 4pm, March 17, 2011 42 marks (51 for COMP8781) Please hand in the solutions to the topic assignment box - located on the second foor o± the IST building, opposite the School O±²ce. Ensure your paper is clearly signed and includes FAN. As stated in SAM late submissions will not be accepted unless arranged with the topic coordinator. N.B. To attract marks your solution must be original, clear and carefully explained.
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Unformatted text preview: Each question is worth up to 2 marks. Set 1.1, Ex. 2 Set 1.2: Ex. 8(a),(b),(c) Set 1.3: Ex. 4, 20 Set 2.1: Ex. 4, 10(d)(e), 28, 29, 43, 49 Set 2.2: Ex. 25, 36, 45, 46(e),(f) Set 2.3: Ex. 10, 29, 31 The following additional questions are for COMP8781 students only Each question is worth up to 3 marks. Set 2.2: Ex. 50, 51 Set 2.3: Ex. 42 Page 1 Last updated March 8, 2011 by M. Bajger...
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