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garys essay - thought about this and took the...

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Gary´s situation, Can a degree give him a better future? The modern world brought us new needs and most people want to obtain it alongside an economical balance in their life which requires willpower and effort. I see that Gary is going through a difficult time, he is a family man who wants a better future and getting a degree is his solution. The main problem is that he is the family provider and a college student, therefore he is not enjoying the situation. Firstly, Gary is not the only one who works and studies for a period of time, others already managed to do it, Gary should be more optimistic because he already
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Unformatted text preview: thought about this and took the responsibility. Certainly, now is the right time to work hard, because a college degree never comes as a miracle. Secondly, to make him feel relieved from the busy life that he just got, his wife could look for a part-time job to decrease Gary´s unhappiness. In addition to this, he can have a time well spent on weekends with his family. To conclude, is great being trying to get a pleasant future, but we should always remember the present, which is not less important; and let´s remember that money never comes besides happiness, a degree is only a promise of a better future....
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