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The luncheon - Essay about The Luncheon Some people would...

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Essay about ¨The Luncheon¨ Some people would treat with the usual willingness foreign visitors. If a woman is invited to have lunch with a man, the man would probably treat her gallantly, specially if this woman is beautiful. In this case, both persons should be interested in the conversation, not in selecting the most pricey dishes of the restaurant. On the one hand, Somerset seems to like the woman. Even though he mentioned she was not young or attractive, he did not stop her insatiable appetite. On the other hand, he could have acted generously because there was no need to make a scene in such a sumptuous place. Also, as the woman said that she never ate anything for luncheon, he maybe thought that she would not order more expensive food. Even thought the woman only ordered pricey dishes, you could argue that most people do not usually eat those kinds of food for luncheon. Then, probably she was determined to order the most costly dishes from the bill of fare.
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