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Miss Universe 2009. We already know who will win. Las Vegas, Nevada. (Associated Press).- The Venezuelan contestant, Stefanía Fernández, Miss Universe 2009 said it was clear in her mind who will be crowned the next Universal Beauty Queen. “I have already chosen my top five of contestants to win, but I cannot tell you. I will tell you on August, 24 th ” one day after of the contest, on Monday, Fernandez said. “It’s a secret”. Nevertheless, about whether she thought that the result of the contest was clear or not, Fernández said: “It’s clear” Fernández won in the last year when she was eighteen. That was the second consecutive victory of the Venezuelan contestants and the sixth since the contest started in 1952. During a meeting of more than 20 Latin-American applicants, Fernandez said that Latin women are the most likely to win because of their hard work in order to be prepared and to look good. He pointed out, that in Venezuela the girls that are preparing for Miss Universe’s pageant take classes
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