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5 - "If in the end you don't have a favorable result I...

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Iker Casillas is not satisfied. Casillas wants to win more championships and play against Brazil. Buenos Aires. This Monday, the goalkeeper and captain of the Spanish soccer team, Iker Casillas, pointed that he wants to get more championships with the “Furia Roja”, since they wish to make history and win the fans respect. After winning the 2008 Euro Cup and the 2010 South Africa World Cup, Casillas admitted that they still want “to get big achievements and big goals”, and gave as example, the Carles Puyol’s case, who before to turn into a world champion, he thought leaving the team. “I can summarize with Puyol’s case, he considered leaving the team before the World Cup but he has seen that the team is great, that they can win again and get more things, so he stays. We have the illusion of doing important things”, he explained. And the thing is that for the also Real Madrid's goalkeeper, a team marks an epoch and "wins the fans respect" when, "besides playing well, wins titles".
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Unformatted text preview: "If in the end you don't have a favorable result, I believe that people will not keep you in mind. The first thing to do is to get championships. If beyond that you play well, better " he declared. About the match that the “Furia Roja” is having tomorrow Tuesday with the representative of Argentina at La Bombonera, commented that “the show is served” since “we are talking about two world champions teams with great players each one”. Finally, the goalkeeper revealed that he would like to have “the opportunity to play against Brazil” which Spain has not faced since twelve years ago. Glossary Furia Roja. Stays in the same way Afición. Fans Representativo. Representative El espectáculo está servido. The show is served Puesto. Since Y es que para. The thing is that Marcar una época. Mark an epoch Tener en cuenta. Keep you in mind...
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5 - "If in the end you don't have a favorable result I...

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