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6 - area attend such events in which address issues as the...

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UAQ OPEN ITS DOORS TO KNOWLEDGE, REFLECTION AND THE EXCHANGE OF IDEAS The Autonomous University of Queretaro opened its doors to knowledge, reflection and exchange of ideas, as these practices are a fundamental part in the integral formation of students and enables teachers are constantly updated, as expressed by Dr. William Cabrera Lopez, Secretary Academic symposium under the Optical and Vibrational Spectroscopies: a tribute to Manuel Cardona. With headquarters in the facilities of the audience Fernando Diaz Ramirez, the civil servant affirmed that the nanotechnology is an area of technological development that is growing in Mexico, in addition it is considered about the world as the technology of the 21st century. "It is calculated that in worldwide, there are approximately two thousand five hundred companies involved in Nanotechnology and in Mexico is near 250 specialists in this science "; Cabrera Lopez expressed. For that reason, said, is relevant that the students just started their studies in this
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Unformatted text preview: area attend such events in which address issues as the characterization of materials at the micro and nanoscopic level, using the optical and vibrational spectroscopies, content a great interest “it allows to know the composition of materials and their properties in particular”. On the other hand, he said that the UAQ will join to Professor Manuel Cardona’s tribute, who is the most important Hispanic physic. He has had an important academic impact with his books and his published articles, as well as the upbringing of students, but principally “for his great human quality”. Finally, Professor Aldo Romero, member of the (CINVESTAV), when he was doing a semblance to the honored, pointed out his contribution in the technological area and his various publications, as well as the world – wide importance he has for his investigations in which he has got satisfactory results....
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