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diferencias hebreos

diferencias hebreos - • Free Hebrews also had slaves but...

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Differences between Egyptians and Hebrews according with the movie ¨The Prince of Egypt¨ The Hebrews were slaved by Egypt until 1250B.C., Hebrews arrived from Canaan because a famine. The Pharaoh thought they could become powerful, Hebrews became slaves. Moses helped the Hebrews leave Egypt in a migration known as the Exodus Hebrew slaves were at the bottom of society, they were treated badly often. Fee Hebrews lived a pastoral life, Egyptians were a complete civilization. Male and women rights in Egypt were almost the same, but with the Hebrews, the male was the main ruler of the family. Meanwhile the Pharaoh was the main ruler for Egyptians helped by viziers, sub-visiers, cabinet officers and department heads, the free Hebrews were organized in Kinship groups and governed by a leader; both cultures were advised by a Council of Elders. Hebrews did not have a writing system, they spoke the Canaanite language, Egyptians used hieroglyphics as writing system
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Unformatted text preview: • Free Hebrews also had slaves but they did not treat them with cruelty. • Egyptians were polytheists and Hebrews believed in one God, they were monotheist. • Hebrews were nomads and Egyptians lived along the Nile Valley. • At the end of the movie, God gives Moses the Ten Commandments, these became the basis of the law for the Hebrews, and Egyptian laws were based in the concept of ma´at (correctness). • Hebrews clothes were not as ostentatious as Egyptian clothes. In the movie, Hebrew men do not use jewellery or make-up as Egyptian men. • As Hebrews were nomads, they have not much possessions such as a tent made of goat hair, the poles, stakes and ropes for supporting the tent, a curtain to divide the tent into two parts (male and female sides) and a carpet for the floor. • While the Egyptians ruler was the Pharaoh, a person considered divine, the Hebrews were ruled by the oldest member of the clan....
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diferencias hebreos - • Free Hebrews also had slaves but...

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