Lesson 6 - Lesson 6 History of Translation The Renaissance...

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Lesson 6 History of Translation The Renaissance and Bible Translation Translation played a key role in the Renaissance since the very concept of a “rebirth” of Western Europe civilization was based om a new look at the classics of Greece and this required a large volume of translations. A typical Renaissance statement of translation principles is the laid out by the French humanist and translator Etienne Dolet. Dolet’s five basic principles are the next: Dolet’s Five Basic Principles 1. The translator must understand perfectly the content and intention of the author he is translating 2. The translator should have a perfect knowledge of the language from which he is translating and an equally excellent knowledge of the language into which he is translating. 3. The translator should avoid the tendency to translate word by word, for to do so is destroy the meaning of the original and to ruin the beauty of expression. 4. The translator should employ froms of speech in common usage. 5. Through his choice and order of words the translator should produce a total overall effect with appropiate “tone” TRANSLATION TIDBIT From the “guide to lanzalote”(canary islands):29 “the stones of the monument as well as the coastal segment of arrecife are loaded with history, and when you walk through the town at the tepid night, she comes towards you in unruly sensibility. During a moment, we do not know where we are; in a village in sensorial Castilla or in a town founded by the vice-kings of America. Chest of surprises that shelters in its interior the thounsand years-old crab!”
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Lesson 6 - Lesson 6 History of Translation The Renaissance...

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