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Extra Solar Planets - Extra Solar Planets Our Sun Comets o...

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Extra Solar Planets; Our Sun Comets o Tail points away from the sun o Basically a “dirty snowball” that evaporates as it approaches the Sun o The tail consists of dust and gases pushed by the Sun’s radiation, light pressure, and solar wind o Gas and the dust reflect the sunlight o Spends very little time near the Sun o QuickTimeC and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. o Good example of Kepler’s Second Law o Haley’s Comet – a prime example of comets o Most comets are not periodic visit the Sun only once Ones that are seen perioidically were probably disturbed by a body such as Jupiter These comets come from the “Oort Cloud” – about one light year away
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o Interest in comets: made from primitive, cold material clues to the early solar system never got big enough to form different layers Asteroids o A belt of rocky things between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter o
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