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Mississippi State University Department of Civil Engineering Fall 1996 CE 8863 - Solid Waste Management Term Paper Topics: 1. Assessment of technologies in resource recovery: What works, what is marginal, and what has failed. 2. Waste flow control issues for government administration; politically and legally. 4. Political and legal waste flow control effects on facilities design and operation. 5. Modifying public perceptions and their effect of solid waste management
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Unformatted text preview: planning. 6. Energy recovery from solid waste - review the current status and technologies. 7. Landfill leachate management problems and alternatives. 8. Scrap tire management problems and alternatives. 9. Composting and solid waste management. 10. Comparison of field-compaction and baling of municipal solid waste at landfills. 11. Issues in development of recycling programs. 12. Issues in development of markets for recycleables....
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