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Department of Civil Engineering CE 8913: Solid Waste Management Fall 1996 Exam 2 Name: Note: ▸ Closed book and notes. On separate paper, clearly show all work and define all answers. ▸ Problems which are preceded by "¤" are NOT to be worked if you are taking this class for undergraduate credit. (15%) 1. List: a. Two major factors which retard the efficiency of an incinerator. b. Six siting criteria for a landfill. (Undergrads , four is enough.) c. Four advantages MRFs have over source segregation of wastes. (Undergrads , two is enough.) d. Three factors which limit the growth of vegetation on landfills. (Undergrads , two is enough.) e. Three closure/post-closure activities. (Undergrads , two is enough.) (20%) 2. Briefly answer each of the following questions: a. When developing a drop-off recycling center, what issues should be addressed? b. There are a number of court cases being debated concerning flow control. What does this term mean and why are communities fighting so hard to keep it? c. Why is it undesireable to allow scrap tires into landfills? d. What is landfill gas is, when would the production rate be the highest, and how should it be managed if it becomes significant? ¤ e. What factors should be taken into account in comparing the cost of using a transfer station as opposed to directly hauling waste to the landfill? ¤ f)
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8863-2 - Mississippi State University Department of Civil...

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