8863HW8 - between the three landfills(show all iterations and at what minimum operating cost Landfill ID Cost($/T to Transport and Dispose of Waste

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Mississippi State University Department of Civil Engineering CE 8863 - Solid Waste Management Fall 1996 A solid waste transporter is trying to optimize the use of his equipment (i.e., minimize the operating cost). He has six transfer stations to collect waste from and three landfills to choose between. The cost and capacity matrix is presented below. How would you allocate transfer station wastewates
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Unformatted text preview: between the three landfills (show all iterations) and at what minimum operating cost? Landfill ID Cost ($/T) to Transport and Dispose of Waste in Each Landfill from the Corresponding Transfer Station Landfill Capacity (T/wk) TS1 TS2 TS3 TS4 TS5 TS6 L1 35 55 30 70 30 25 600 L2 45 60 30 45 50 80 200 L3 80 30 50 60 75 35 500 100 400 200 300 200 100 Transfer Station Generation Rate (T/wk)...
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