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T F The 1960's mass burn, waterwall incinerator technology is falling out of favor for waste to energy facilities. T F Curbside recycling, regarded as the best way to provide residential recycling, is being successfully applied at a rapid rate in the U.S. T F Leachate channeling can provide cost effective leachate treatment because the channel used develops a slim growth that removed organics. T F Compost derived from MSW has a higher quality, better nutrient-value, and higher market value than yard waste compost. T F Education programs promoting recycling should be considered if public surveys indicate only about 75% community acceptance. T F Dioxins and metals are the principle concern when addressing ash from a MSW incinerator. T F In siting landfills and MRFs public concerns center on aesthetics, rather than health, issues. T F The only benefit to using uniform appearing recycling containers in a community curb-side program is the ease with which the operators can spot them on collection days. T
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